Stevenson is gone. Now what?

Feb 8th – Watch the YouTube Video of this meeting.  If you are a JeffCo resident, or simply someone who recognizes what true leadership is, it will bring tears to your eyes.  Cindy Stevenson, recognized as one of the best Public School Superintendents in the country, has resigned due to a hostile work environment.  Her statement to the Board and then to the members of the public who were there showed us what integrity and courage is really about.  The Board on the other hand, obviously does not like having a taste of the disrespect they have shown Dr. Stevenson over the last three months.

But the video should bring tears to your eyes for another reason.  In watching and listening to those who were there, protesting, challenging, and supporting, you are watching and listening to the origins and well-spring of democracy.  Not ‘Democracy’ with a capital ‘D’.  That is what is supposed to go on in the state houses and Congress.  This is the lower-case democracy, the one that springs from each individual who recognizes that ‘what I think counts!’  And it will be the lower-case democracy that saves us and JeffCo Public Schools.

Right now, a group of three people, who benefited from a quarter of a million dollars tossed into last fall’s election by persons unknown, got elected by a minority of JeffCo.  In no small way, many of those who voted for them had been confused by a very clever marketing campaign paid for by those unknown money people.  They thought they were getting people who believed in exploring what works and then implementing it.  Instead, those voters and the rest of us got people who are already sure they know the all the answers and cannot be bothered with the facts.

We need to get them off the Board.  And it will not be easy.  Nor quick.

To all of those who went to the meeting, and to all of those who watched the video and felt the anger and pride, keep it well.  This will be a long, difficult, and sometimes dirty fight.  WNW are backed by some very well off people.  They have their own attorney in Brad Miller, paid for by YOUR TAXPAYER money, will give them access to legal advice on how to avoid public scrutiny and dodge tough questions.

But we can have lower-case democracy on our side.  This means you.

Stay alert.  We promise to continue to post everything we can learn about the JeffCo Board, to learn what we can and get it to you.  At that point it is in your hands.  We do not have wealthy, reclusive millionaires and billionaires who can bank-roll our work.  What we have are the small resources each of us can bring to the fight.  But they can be enough, if all of us join together.

Sounds great, doesn’t it?  And it’s all true.  But it will take time, energy, and work.  It includes talking to your neighbors, co-workers, relatives, and even strangers.  Not letting an ignorant regurgitation of right-wing propaganda go unchallenged.  It involves kicking in your own talents and passion.  At the right time, this will also include fund raising.  When we know of a good organization, we will let you know too.

Finally, and most importantly, it means getting the word out and, when the time comes, GETTING THE VOTES OUT.

Thomas Jefferson said, “Eternal vigilance is the price of freedom.”  Well, we learned that one the hard way this fall.  All of us were complacent, sure that the co-thinkers of Laura Boggs were so obviously extreme that there was no way they could win their election.  And we let down our guard.  When we did, the hidden money people came in with targeted, misleading, and inflammatory advertising.  The result was today.

We will need to be vigilant today, tomorrow, next week, next month, next year, and for all the years after that.

Let’s get started.

JeffCo School Board Watch

14 thoughts on “Stevenson is gone. Now what?

  1. How about a recall petition for the 3 newest board members? I’ll sign and walk the petitions around.

  2. RECALL now, don’t wait until these folks destroy this district as the board in Douglas County has done. I question where the dollars came from to help elect these three, and I think an investigation into the legality of hiring a lawyer specifically for the board should be completed.

  3. One final thought. All politics are local. People for the most part get involved when something that affects them and theirs is threatened. Citizens realize they need help from friends and neighbors to correct the problem. If you participate, You. Will. Win.

  4. We are asking for your help. We are asking for your voice. We are asking for your action. It may take you out of your comfort zone, as it is me, but you need to step up and help out any way you can. We need you to stand by our leaders. We need you to stand by Dahlkemper and Fellman and lift them up. They need us. Cindy Stevenson needs us.

  5. The war is on. Count me in to fight these people. Recall is the only way to rid the schools of these terrorists.

  6. Don’t let what happened in Douglas County happen here. Stand Up and fight these business men…education isn’t a business, it’s a public service! Dr. Stevenson was one hell of a public servant who did right by thousands of teachers and students.

  7. I was aware that the Koch brothers contributed to the Douglas County School Board Election, as well as, Jeb Bush, but it does not appear that outside money was used in this last election. We need to pay close attention to this issue in order to keep the changes in Douglas County from happening in Jeffco.

  8. Deleted: A polemic post casting unsubstantiated aspersions.

    • The point and purpose of this blog site and it’s related Facebook page is to keep people informed as to the actions of the Board in general, and WNW+Miller specifically. We find their motivations, pronouncements, and actions very worrisome and concerning. We are open to good, sound, logical debate. What will not be tolerated is the casting of aspersions, name-calling, or unthinking polemics. It is not freedom of speech when one person or group attempts to drown out the other side by sheer volume. We have prohibited people from posting on our Facebook site and this Blog when their actions are deceptive, bullying, disrespectful, or simply unthinking and repeated ranting. They may have the right to shout. We have the right to chose not to listen to them. They can shout all they want from their own blog site or Facebook page.

      Your original post cast aspersions and made spurious arguments without foundation. This has frankly placed you on the path for being banned. In fact, it is only the fact that it is your first post, that has stopped us. So long as you keep your posts to being informative, thought-provoking, with verifiable facts, you will be welcome here. If, on the other hand, we see mainly posts such as your first two then you will be prohibited from posting as well. Please do not let that happen. We do enjoy thoughtful posts even from people who oppose our views, such as Cello Girls. If you model your comments after hers, they will not only be approved, but also stand a far better chance of changing someones mind.

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