JeffCo News Links

This page will try to keep up with all the news links concerning the Jefferson County School Board, it’s members, key staff people, and other education related news directly concerning JeffCo.  It’s a new page, so we are working hard doing lots of Google searches and recording links.  It will expand backwards in time as well as forwards, so keep checking back!

Note:  Colorado Community Media is the parent organization for many local papers including the Lakewood Sentinel, the Arvada Press, the Wheat Ridge Transcript, and several others.  Articles can appear in any one or all of those papers.  For purposes of this page, all links go back to the parent organization.

The page is organized in reverse chronological order with the most recent postings at the top.

02/25/14 Denver PostJefferson County Schools to pay $204,194 for superintendent’s exitSpeaks for itself.

02/23/14 The ExaminerInterim superintendent remains undecided issue for Jeffco School Board  A pretty good review of the BOE meeting on February 18th.

02/08/14 Denver Post – Group aims to inform Jefferson County residents about school board. Article on a new group whose mission is to inform people about the actions of the new Board.

02/08/14 Denver Post – Jefferson County school board reforms unclear, as uncertainty abounds. Witt, in an interview with the Post, gives five goals (Improve 3rd ‘proficient scores’ to 85%, improve 4th grade math ‘proficient scores’ to 80%, increase writing ‘proficient’ scores to 64% for elementary, 66% for middle school, and 59% for high school, all by August 2015.  Lower “unsat’ for 3rd grade reading by 1% and high school grads needing college remediation by 2%.  He did not give any clue as to a plan or mechanism by which this would be done.

02/14/14 Colorado Independent – Colorado House clash tied to JeffCo school board ‘donnybrook’.  Apparently the actions of WNW+Miller have combined with DougCo and others to move the School Board Transparency bill to the Senate.

02/14/14 Colorado Community MediaSchool board transparency bill moves forward

02/13/14 Colorado Independent – The JeffCo school-board donnybrook: Get used to it, Coloradoa very good and balanced review of what actually happened…and what the rest of the state can look forward to! 

02/08/14 Denver Post –Jefferson County Schools Superintendent Cindy Stevenson will leave post early

02/08/14 Channel 9 News – Superintendent: ‘I will be gone by the end of the month’

02/07/14 Channel 9 News – Jeffco School Board plans to discuss future of superintendent.

02/07/14 Denver Post – Jefferson County school board seeks closed-door superintendent meeting.

02/05/14 Denver PostLawyer Brad Miller rejects label of charter school crusaderMr. Miller gains another school district that saw a conservative, charter school focused board elected last fall.

02/05/14 Denver PostColorado’s school testers flunk themselvesAn excellent editorial on how school rankings are far more dependent on the economic status of the students who attend them than on any specific teaching method or pressure brought by critics.

02/04/14 Loveland Reporter-HeraldAttorney Brad Miller rejects ‘charter fan’ labelMiller says he only supports what his clients want.  This despite his child going to a charter school, him sitting on charter school organization boards, and his legal practice specializing in charter schools?

02/04/14 Columbine CourierSchool district’s negotiations with unions will be open to public Normally closed, the unions requested in December that this year the negotiations be open.

02/04/14 Columbine CourierBoard president discusses school choice(behind a pay wall) Witt says ‘choice’ includes all the District’s options, including GT and STEM.  He also maintains that charter schools are public schools because they receive public money.

02/04/14 Loveland Reporter-HeraldBoard could vote Wednesday on attorney Brad Miller’s proposed hiring by the Thompson School District has been highly controversial with upwards of 400 people showing up.  The Thompson Board has now restricted the number of people who can attend and limited their speaking privileges.

01/29/14 Columbine CourierSchool board politics dominates discussion at Dems’ breakfastDahlkemper says Witt emailed her only two days prior to Dec 14th meeting on hiring Brad Miller.

01/23/14 Denver PostDeer Creek’s sixth-grade STEM saved by school boardmainly by a LOT of people showing up and changing Julie Williams vote.

01/21/14 Columbine CourierFormer board members voice concern about open governance with newly elected membersmembers dating back to the 1970’s took WNW to task over transparency and public trust.

01/21/14 Columbine CourierSchool board discusses process for hiring superintendentRFP for search firm to be issued and responded to by the end of the month.

01/17/14 Colorado Community MediaHiring of Jeffco attorney deniedLakewood Sentinel article on WNW’s refusal to replace Alan Taggert, the District’s in house attorney and head of Employee Relations.

01/13/14 Colorado Community MediaJeffCo school board legal costs may riseExcellent analysis of the costs of hiring Brad Miller.

01/13/14 Colorado Community MediaJeffco board raises eyebrowsCoverage of Miller’s hiring.

12/17/13 Denver PostCaldwell: Jeffco school board didn’t take long to raise eyebrowsOpinion piece by Alicia Caldwell on WNW’s vote to hire Brad Miller.

12/16/13 Columbine CourierNew school board majority votes to hire law firmOver 100 people booed the decision that came out of no-where two days earlier.

12/14/13 Denver PostJeffCo school board decision draws questions about transparencySunshine Law issues on how Brad Miller was selected to be the Board’s first personal attorney (instead of using the District’s attorney).

12/12/14 Loveland Reporter-HeraldThompson School District’s board to consider contract for separate legal representationThompson School Board President proposed hiring Brad Miller as the Board’s direct attorney.  In part he cited that Mr. Miller had already been hired by the JeffCo Board for the same position…two days before the JeffCo Board even met on the issue!  The Thompson President apparently knew about Mr. Miller’s hiring before Dahlkemper and Fellman were even informed about it being placed on the agenda!

11/22/13 Denver PostNew Jefferson County school board gets to workStevenson retires, Witt says JeffCo will not be “Douglas County”.

11/20/13 Denver PostElection brings new direction for Jefferson County schools  – Things are going to change at JeffCo, but supporters of WNW hope for nothing radical.

11/07/14 Denver PostJefferson County Schools chief Cindy Stevenson to retire after school yearCindy steps down.

11/4/13 Denver PostFinancial backers widen reach in support of vouchers, school choice – $200k was thrown into the Board races by wealthy conservatives.

11/2/13 – Koch group, unions battle over Colorado schools race – Politico reveals the source of the money the Post talked about the next day.  (see link above)

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